Friday, May 16, 2008

Kapilands Blog Helper!

This link will now help me for my Kapilands Blog.

New Kapi Interface !!!


Kapilands has a new graphical interface and a little different game too without changing its main theme is Kapi Regnum. Please do give it a try. Thanks.


Monday, October 29, 2007

New Server/Realm at Kapilands

Hey Guys!

Kapilands has opened a New Server/Realm at ... So go ahead ... Enjoy ...

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am here to put up a Blog about Kapilands. What is Kapilands ???

Kapilands is a browser based economy simulation. So it can be played from every computer with internet access. Downloads or plugins are not necessary. Come to Kapiland and become your own boss! The registration is for free.
The basic features of this game are:

Build your company with over 40 different buildings and raise it to a business empire. You can do cattle breeding, high tech business, agriculture or become a fashion trader... what ever you want.

There are about 100 different products which you can produce in different qualities. Work together with other players or build your own production chains.

Sell your products to non player characters or trade with real players to get the best prices. Send contracts or offer your products in the forum or in the chat.

From rags to riches, in Kapiland your dream will become true.

Now Kapilands is not just a game. For players it is more than a game, might be a an activity, a passion, a time pass, a goal or may be aims on higher grounds. Click here to go to Kapilands Home Page and register. I will put up more blogs about this game later.